We were so honoured to have 'the world's fastest pianist' Lubomyr Melnyk to play for us in February!  Signed to the always surprising and different label Erased Tapes Records, I first heard him play at Latitude, and later at the Barbican and was blown away both times.  We became friends and so when he was over playing in London I asked him if he would consider a smaller intimate gig at Butley Priory as I know he loves the place - and to my great delight he agreed.  

We had this extraordinary day . . a power cut in the morning and freezing temperatures so i was half thinking I'd have to cancel as the house was literally like a tomb, and I knew the fireplace alone would take a lot longer than one day to heat the room.  Then over a candlelit cup of tea in the kitchen huddled by the Aga, we all decided to go ahead anyway - then the power suddenly came back on, (celebrations and central heating for long enough to warm the house). . only to go off again (only for a second) just as Lubomyr played the first notes!  very dramatic . . It was a beautiful candlelit night, people relaxed on the sofas or lay beside the fire and let the music wash over them.  An incredible performance as you will see in the video.  Couldn't help feeling, this is the way music should be experienced.  

The wonderful thing was that my friend and remarkable film maker Ian managed to capture the experience on his mobile phone despite zero lighting or forethought - I only turned and asked him as the performance began!.  See more of his amazing work here Slaughterbackfilms

Best wishes to everyone . . Spring really feels like it's here today!  Frances

PS  JUST CONFIRMED - POPPY ACKROYD   plays here on July 22nd!  This too will be an unforgettable experience . . details soon but email us for tickets as soon as you can.