S M I L E !


Good morning!  People often ask me do I mind having loads of people traipsing around in my house.  Good question, and the answer (I’m happy to say) is emphatically no I don’t!


Okay sometimes if Im home around 11 pm on a Saturday night I start to thinkp l e a s eturn down the music! It’s true . .

But on the whole having the house ringing with laughter and filled with so much fun and joy is an infectious life affirming thing. I so often wonder what those old monks would have thought?! I think they’d have loved it. .


Since last blog we’ve had two beautiful weddings and a christening celebration . .

Seeing the genuine smiles radiating on people’s faces is a real delight. In fact ‘concious smiling’ is something I’ve recently taken up – because it makes you feel good.  I read somewhere that you acctually can’t feel cross, bad, angry or any other sort of negative emotion when you have a big broad grin on your face.  It’s true, try it!


Have a lovely smiley week then!