First ever post!


Hi everyone,

Good morning.  New resolutions – I love them!  I am publicly resolving to run a weekly blog on our beautiful new website.

OK its good for expanding our reach apparently, but also because it’s just SO lovely here and I want to share it all with you!  

I love the changing seasons – especially this one – I start to reflect on the year and all that’s happened, and how amazing it has been.

One of the great things is that we are now hosting more weekday events, and really interesting ones! We had great fun when Charlie XX and her songwriting team all came here from Sweden for a week in August,  and this week we have the beautiful Ponderosa and Thyme here with 16 talented florists and hordes and hordes of fabulous flowers for a wedding floristry workshop week!

It feels good – the sun is shining and the hedgerows are blooming.   

May you also bloom and choose joy this week!


PS  I love how my picture of Daniel in the Lion’s Den watches over the flowers.  This picture has been in my family all my life and has majorly affected my life, made me so much braver!