November . . .


November . . I always think it's going to be a quiet month, where I can get things done and have a peaceful time.  Butley Priory has been packed with wonderful events - something going on every weekend  . . and then there's getting the chimneys swept, taking in the garden furniture, the stonemason has been here invisibly repairing 12C buttresses that were frost damaged last year, the alders around the ponds to thin,  . . . ah dear reader . . a thousand things to think of!

Not to mention ordering the Christmas tree and planning our carol singing bonanza on December 10th (all welcome, gifts to Compassion in World Farming -  vegan mince pies and mulled wine will be offered!)

I am learning, however, that the trick to all of this is to personally have a quiet month anyway!  despite what may be going on around me, despite my list making, relentlessly energetic mind.

Inside, I have my own weather, and it is nice to be in synch with the ebb and flow of the seasons. I have so enjoyed watching the showers of golden leaves coming down, and nature getting ready to bed itself in for winter.  Just a walk round the drive can restore me.  Or if I am not here at home, just imagining it can work!  Have a wonderful peaceful week everyone.