Mind and body

This month seems to be connecting to ourselves month - which suits the landscape, the quiet time of year as the season rolls into winter.

We have had two fabulous yoga retreats already this month, with a weekend devoted to health and fitness run by  . . . . . coming up!  The Retreat Sisters . . . . . were here on the first weekend of the month for what looked like a really beautiful time,  and my daughter Jayna Cavendish from KIND Yoga came last weekend with the Secret Yoga Club for another wonderful weekend where we focussed on chakras.   The photo above is from the treatment room, where utterly luxurious massages were available . .mmm!   Delicious vegan food was consumed, long walks were taken, friendships made and, I think it would not be exaggerating to say, lives transformed.

It always amazes me, the power of doing things with like minded people, as a group.  Being somewhat solitary by nature, I usually flinch from the idea of 'joining in',  but there is no doubt about the benefits . . . every time!