John Broadwood in Great Hall.jpg

I've had a fun weekend playing at the Flipside festival at Snape Maltings  Fell in love with the Steinway in the Jerwood Kiln.  Oh dear .  . I want one!   It is a special relationship between performer and piano . . each instrument is so individual.  I was given my beautiful old John Broadwood when I was only 6 years old and had just started to play.  Having it in my life has definitely helped to form my life, and who I am.  (Interesting to speculate what would have transpired had it been. say . a trombone . .)

I love how much people enjoy playing it here in the Great Hall.  As you can see it is not in the first gleam of its youth, in fact a little lined and worn you could say.  (no analogies thanks . .) But a surprising number of visitors say it's one of the reasons they booked the house.     

You can hear it in action on December 10th when we are planning our annual Carol Singing Night.  All welcome - come and sing your heart out. 

We also will be at some point having the fabulous band AYA (my daughters Bess and Jayna) here to play after they finish their tour with Lamb, which is coming up this week, great excitement!  Read all about it in the link below.  Not sure of the date for AYA at Butley yet so keep a look out,  and join our mailing list if you want to be kept in the loop.

So. . enjoy this week as never before!  Frances