The beginning . . .


For anyone interested in how I came to be living in this extraordinary house, I thought I would share a post this week from my ex!  Im taking this highly unusual step because what he wrote so brilliantly describes our first impressions of coming here . . it was this time of year - and one of those mornings when despite the rest of the county being bathed in morning sunlight, a sea hag had crept up across the marshes (as occasionally happens here) and the house seemed literally to be surrounded by its own strange and chill aura!  I have to admit for me it was NOT 'love at first sight'  Took me a couple of visits till  I too was hooked. . . .  This post from Ned Cavendish last week.


"A house, if you can call it that which I helped restore, lived in for a while and love. Just now, reading this unique building’s chronological story I was taken aback by how much of my country’s history was entwined with the building’s own. Although I knew most of the stories in isolation I never saw them before in their entirety and what a fascinating story it is. We first saw it on a freezing, foggy winter morning in very poor light in 1985.   In its neglect it seemed like some ancient mammoth about to give its last gasp and collapse to the ground, going indoors was like entering a walk in freezer, it had not been lived in for some time and an eviction order was nailed to the door, brambles and undergrowth were beginning to creep up and obscure the walls, for me it was love at 1st sight. Putting the initial chill aside it is an incredibly warm and friendly building despite its appearance and size. 
Frances Shelley, my former wife and my 2 daughter’s Bess and Jayna band name AYA have kept this special building warm and alive, it gives so much pleasure to literally hundreds of people every year as a venue for weddings, concerts, yoga, workshops, and a whole lot of other things. People love being in and around this extraordinary building, if some buildings have a touch of magic this is certainly one of them."